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Factors to Consider when Selecting Stained Glass Panels to use for your Home

Is a renovation of your house on the books? If yes is the answer, then the windows factor has already crossed your mind. You should probably consider installing some stained glass panels. I’m pretty confident they would look good in your living room. A morning glow in your room would be an assurance if these panels were installed in the bedroom. Beauty and functionality are two aspects that stained glass panels bring to your home. A trip to a local restaurant or chapel that uses these stained glass panels will speak for itself. They always give this elegant feel to the enclosed space. The most fundamental question now should be how to pick suitable stained glass panels. Well, this article is your get-out-of-jail card as it will show you just what to look at.

First thing is to consider where the stained glass panels are going to be installed. The place you choose the panels is just as an important consideration as the panels themselves. Over doing it may end up with an opposite effect to the one you intended. The stained glass panels should make that traditional decorative statement that is catchy yet not jarring. The portion of space along the stairs and hallways that admit light are good spots for these panels. In the case of a living room with many windows, it is wise to get a blend of standard transparent panels and the stained glass panels. If this is adhered to, the scenario will be such that you get the right blend of brightness, elegance, and brilliance.

Then we have to handle the technical bit of opacity. The question lies in how much light the glass allows to pass through. The first set of stained glasses here will be the opals. Cathedral glass is another classification encompassing transparent stained glass. Now, one has to evaluate two needs in the lines of the need for privacy and control of light. Opals are best suited in a case where you want maximum attenuation of light. For areas of maximum privacy such as bathrooms, opals are the stained glass panels you need. Cathedral glass can be a consideration if privacy and light control are not key issues.

Think also about the surface of the stained glass panels. The panels can be soft on either side, textured on one but smooth on the other or textured on all sides. Here, points on privacy ease of cleaning the panels and design addition are considered. Textured stained glass panels are excellent for bathrooms since the light gets refracted massively, even when transparent. However, textured glass panels are not so easy to clean so consider this too. It is wise to consult widely on this issue depending on what you want.

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